Review of a restaurant

I love to cook, which invariably means I love to eat. My husband and I like many fortunate others are able to enjoy the liberty of dining out. I do see this as a luxury as so many go without even the basics, yet we consistently have the opportunity to pick and choose how we feed our bodies. So before I begin, let’s just consider ourselves blessed.
We recently branched out to a new dining establishment. When I say branched out, I mean it. We live in Minneapolis, and this restaurant is located in Arden Hills. Like I said, we live in Minneapolis, and there is more than just a sense of city pride that I carry over the fact that we don’t live in the suburbs. In fact, I don’t like the suburbs. I don’t like anything about them. I don’t like the strip malls. I don’t like the mega-plexes. I don’t like the cookie cutter chain restaurants. I don’t like the homogenized neighborhoods, some even called by numbers, each one bearing the same un striking resemblance of it’s predecessor. I don’t like the tedious drive from my perfectly imperfect city, which somehow makes my skin itch whenever we leave Minneapolis proper and venture in to suburbia. However, I do like food, and for that mere fact am willing to suffer the suburban rash to experience what could be a perfect ten dining experience. Well, nine really, as being stationed in suburban America, I have to consider the path to arrive and you already know how I feel about that.
I read about this Steak house which serves Prime Beef. Not only do they serve Prime Beef, but apparently they only serve two different steaks, and one seafood dish. I though I had uncovered one of the cities best kept secrets. If you are a restaurant, and you only do three different steaks ( all of which are broiled) how can your food be anything but amazing? Let me describe to you how amazing it actually was.
We arrived at Lindy’s after a long and windy ride in to the fine City of Arden Hills. The restaurant didn’t look like much from the outside. It sort of resembled a trailer house type of exterior, except this definitely had an addition put on at some point. I’d probably have to say it was at least a double-wide in size. Any one who has ever been to, or lived near a trailer court knows exactly what I’m referring to. The rest of you who don’t know what I’m referring to… just consider yourselves more blessed. The entry was nothing more than a wooden porch with a Menards window door on the front. I thought for sure with the shabby exterior, we were in for a culinary delight. ( they clearly waste no money in design or decoration, it is all poured in to the three basic menu items they have surely perfected! I couldn’t wait to order. Our server arrived and cheerfully explained our three entrée options. Prime steak, Prime chopped steak, or broiled shrimp. We opted for the prime steak. All of the entrees come with “family style garlic bread, mixed greens salad, and greaseless hash browns” We also decided to add-on one additional side and one of my favorites, sautéed mushrooms.
Family style garlic bread and salad arrived. The salad was square chunks and wilted brown pieces of iceberg lettuce joined by shreds of purple cabbage. The Garlic bread was… get ready for this, toasted white hot dog buns. Yes, and not because they ran out of the regular bread, they just serve good old white hot dog buns. Nothing much more to say on that except that I was now certain we were in for a taste sensation. They don’t even waste time with lettuce or bread because their main course is so far above and beyond that anything else is simply unimportant. Steak arrived, it was sizzling, and that’s about as exciting or flavorful as it got. It was cooked to a perfect medium rare, sadly having little or no flavor. Along with the steak came the greaseless and flavorless hash browns and the freshly canned, heated and then served mushrooms. I tumbled from a hopefull nine to a four quickly, and decided surroundings and location considered, we were at a stable two… oh the pickled watermelon may have nudged me up to a two and a half, but I didn’t try the recommended accompianment for the already lackluster offerings.
I have to say we probably won’t make the drive to Arden Hills anytime soon. I guess, I expected that if you do one thing, and have the kahones to advertise that you’re only doing one thing, you should probably do it pretty well. Once again, I’ve explained how I feel about that.
It wasn’t all a loss; we got to have dinner in a new place. We shared a meal that was average at best, but we shared it together… and we shared a lovely conversation which is always, priceless.

Until later,

Writtenwell or well, written.


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