Unnecessary Items

I fell at Target today. Amidst the rush of the holiday bustle, In a somewhat valiant attempt to leave the store without picking up anther must have, unnecessary item… I slipped on a receipt. I plunged directly into the cement floor. Once I caught my breath, I realized that the only people who actually noticed, or cared happened to be the target security person, or in this case personnel (as there were two). I only knew they were Target security as they had the trademark bulls eye right above their removable nametags. “Are you ok,” Todd Security asked? I just thought as drool was draining from my mouth… do I look ok? No, I’m not. I fell and I can’t talk, because I still haven’t caught my breath from having the wind knocked out of me… I need to file a report. Todd said, “hold on, we need to call in the LOD ( lead manager on duty) to go through the procedure”. “Would you like some Archer Farm’s mineral water?” I replied, no thank you and was moved off to the Target cafeteria to wait for the LOD… I’m assuming loss prevention, to file the report. Ten minutes later ‘Jeff’ showed up with a pre written incident questionnaire. Okay, I have to ask you a few questions. “What’s your name, address, and phone number, what kind of shoes are you wearing etc… now, I need to record this EXACTLY as you say it happened, in your words”. Um, right because who else’s words am I going to use… but I didn’t, I was polite and kindly, and quietly said, I was leaving the store and I slipped on a receipt or maybe a gum wrapper, I can’t be sure what it was, because I was a little busy breaking my kneecaps on your garbage filled, floor, I didn’t say the last part, but I thought it. He responds after he carefully detailed each word with his no 2 pencil. “ So, he reads back to me, “I was leaving the store and it FELT LIKE I SLIPPED”. I said, NO, stop. I said nothing about feeling like I slipped anywhere. I said I slipped on a receipt or a gum wrapper. He went on with his questionnaire asking if it was raining (we are in a skyway downtown, just fyi) He asked if I was wearing glasses. I would have thought the thick black frames resting on my face would have been a dead give away, but I suppose Todd was just following protocol. Anyway, after a lengthy one page official report, a 1800 number, two bruised knees, and the minor unrest I was left with from falling at Target Downtown, during the Holiday season having only the Target security team help… I was physically and emotionally disturbed. Maybe the city isn’t so great. Or maybe we all just need to open our eyes to see what’s happening around us. Not for me, but for the world that is happening, and is in need, while we’re busy getting the rest of our unnecessary items.

We had dinner out tonight, Quangs On Eat Street. Amazing Pho soup. Im my opinion the best in town. Always piping hot, fresh as it can possibly be, and very good for you! Sometimes dinner at home just doesn’t work out. Even though one may have lofty goals of deep frying manicotti ( and making it work, which I am going to try soon, so I’ll let you know how it goes) Target calls, and sometimes we fall… So another night.

Bye for now.

Writtenwell or well, written.



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