A bit about me… I am a woman who loves to create in the kitchen. I love making food, sharing food, and I also like to write. I love to laugh and I find the most real situations in life, are the ones that are easiest to laugh at, usually after they’re over. I grew up in a family owned Italian restaurant ( and I always misspell restaurant, there I did it again. Anyway, I grew up half of the time watching my lovely grandmother prepare everything from homemade bread to meatballs, dressings, sauces galore. Everything she made was from scratch, and being a native Italian, lets just say she had more than a few tricks up her sleeve. I had no idea when I was growing up, that one day I would learn that I had retained much of what she demonstrated, without even trying. I didn’t know that when I grew up, I would find such a passion for food, such a peace from the act of preparing food for myself, and more importantly for others. My most introspective and calmest moments are in the kitchen. They don’t always remain that way, as there have certainly been times where one would say I was anything but calm… but I’m talking over all, it’s where I feel most safe, most out of and in control ( yes, at the same time) and most productive. After a bad day, I can always go home and make something really good to share with someone, and 90 % of the time, it makes them really happy, or thankful. Which makes my bad day, not seem quite so bad. We’re all narcissistic on come level, I’m just keeping it in check. Thanks Grandma, for teaching me how to find peace in a kitchen.


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